Food is Medicine



Our taste buds often guide us when choosing the foods we eat. However, food is more than tasty; it is medicine. Food scientists have proven that there are a variety of medicinal benefits to certain foods. Certain foods can work to improve almost every disease. Check out some of them below:


Cancer Risk Reduction

  • Cruciferous vegetables (i.e. broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts) reduce the risk of several types of cancers
  • Tomato products may reduce the risk for prostate, ovarian, gastric, and pancreatic cancers
  • Citrus fruits may reduce the risk of stomach cancer

Heart Health

  • Dark chocolate reduce high blood pressure
  • Tree nuts (i.e. cashews, almonds, pecans) and peanuts reduce the risk of sudden cardiac death

Intestinal Health Maintenance

  • Fermented dairy products (i.e. kefir, yogurt, cheese) may reduce irritable bowel syndrome symptoms

Urinary Tract Function

  • Cranberry juice reduces bacterial concentrations in the urine

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