How to Get Your Steps in At Work


Most of us have sedentary jobs, where all day we sit at a desk and type on a computer. But that doesn’t mean that we are doomed to lead unhealthy lifestyles. It is recommended that everyone take 10,000 steps a day, which is roughly equivalent to 5 miles. At first glance, this seems daunting. However, when you break up those 10,000 steps that means you are walking about 1/4th of a mile every hour you are awake. That seems more doable, until you think about your desk jobs. Just remember that the little things add up.

Try the tips below to help you get your steps in at work:

  • Take the stairs, instead of the elevator
  • Park further away
  • Go to the bathroom on the other side of the office
  • Use your breaks to take a lap around the building
  • Walk with coworkers at lunch
  • Get up and ask your coworker a question, instead of emailing about it
  • Set an alarm to get up every hour and move
  • Bring smaller water bottles, so you have to get up more frequently to get more water
  • If your office has access to a gym, stay a little later after work to utilize it
  • Print your copies at the printer down the hall, instead of the one at your desk
  • Pace around your office or around the building while talking on the phone


  1. Dottie · February 28

    Great ideas!


  2. tippysmom2 · March 1

    Those are wonderful ideas.


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