Love Your Body


As little girls, we grow up playing with Barbie and Ken as they live happily together in their dream house. It seems innocent. However, our subconscious is associating Barbie with happiness. We all want to be Barbie in our Barbie world with the perfect body and expansive wardrobe. That’s how you find your Ken, right? You need the Barbie body?

However, according to, if you made Barbie a real woman, she would be 5’9″ and weigh 110 lbs. This would put her in the severely underweight category. Her neck would be so small that she would not be able to lift her head. In addition, she would have size 3 feet, therefore would have to crawl on all fours, because she would be unable to walk. Does this sound like a good role model to you?


A lot of people brush these facts off thinking that it does not affect children. However, it is leaving a lasting impact! Studies found that when little girls chose to play with Barbie over dolls with normal proportions, they had less self-esteem, worse body image, and a stronger desire to be thin.

But it is not just Barbie, media also portrays the lie that thinner as better. The truth is that every body type is different. The goal is to be a healthy weight for your body type. No one will be Barbie, and honestly, do you think she would get Ken in real life crawling on all fours with her head hanging low? Probably not!

So make sure to love your body! Treat it well. Feed it healthy foods. If your body stops working, then how will you live your life to the fullest?


One comment

  1. tippysmom2 · January 3

    This is an interesting perspective. I agree that the collective “we” need to learn that each body type is different and understand what is healthy for each one. However, I do think the media plays a big roll in those who don’t remotely look like Barbie, or the models and female movie stars, to get anyone remotely looking like Ken as a mate. Wonder why we seem to insist that female movie stars be “perfect” but males aren’t?


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