How to Workout Without Breaking the Bank


While gyms offer a lot of great resources and classes, memberships are often pricey and can add up quickly, especially if you like variety in your workout. But you don’t have to break the bank to get in exercise. Try some of these cheaper ways to get in your exercise:

  • Go to the free workout classes at local athletic stores. A lot of athletic stores, such as Lululemon, Nike, North Face, REI, Athleta, Six:O2, and Reebok, offer free classes or workout groups.
  • Search for fitness classes at is a search engine for fun, free classes in your local area.
  • Look on your town’s website. Most towns often offer a variety fitness classes for fairly inexpensive. They may also have community gyms and pools that are open for public use.
  • Join a fitness group on is a place for locals to find people with similar interests and hobbies. There are a lot of groups for every fitness hobby from golf to yoga to ultimate frisbee.
  • Find fitness deals on has deals for everything you could ever need or want to do. It is a great way to save money on fitness classes or gym memberships.
  • Make your home your gym. There are plenty of ways to workout outside of a gym. Play fitness videos on your tv or download an exercise app, such as Sworkit, Workout Trainer, and Nike+ Training Club.
  • Get outside and explore. Bike along the local greenway. Find the nearest park and go for a hike. Run around your local community. Get some friends together and go shoot hoops.
  • Try free trial memberships at local gyms and fitness studios. Most fitness studios understand that it is hard to commit to something without trying it out first, so they often offer free trial memberships or classes.

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  1. myhealthrevblog · December 18

    Hope I can add my app to this list shortly 🙂 nice work!


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