I Don’t Want To Forget You


Whether it is the death of someone you love or the end to an relationship, losing someone is one of the most painful experiences in existence. Losing someone is like receiving a heart transplant. Your body fights the change, causing you pain and heart ache. As time passes, your body starts to adjust, however little things can often shock your system at unexpected moments, so you have to take things slowly day-by-day. However, eventually your body starts to accept its new reality allowing you can live again, causing time to start moving.

But as time moves, new memories start to replace the old. You may never forget that person’s smile or the way they hated rollercoasters, but some of the smaller details start to fade. It gets harder to remember their voice and the way it felt to hold their hand. You look through old photos, but it’s not the same! That special person is gone, but you don’t want to forget them.

Experts say there are may ways to still hold onto memories of lost love ones. While it may be painful, you have to talk about them and the memories you shared together. Watch home videos and listen the old voice messages they left you. As the holidays swiftly approach, strive to keep the traditions you shared with them alive. Remember them as frequently as possible. As you drive past their favorite restaurant, think of their favorite order. Visit the places you liked to visit together. Preserving their memory is easier than you think. You don’t have to forget them. They are always with you.


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