The Benefits of Losing 10%


Just 10%. That doesn’t sound like that much. Eating just 10% of a pizza is less than 1 slice and I know we all can eat more than that! In the same way, losing 10% of your body weight, if you are overweight, isn’t that hard. Not only that, but scientists have discovered losing 10% of your body weight can have significant effects on your overall health head to toe.

Healthy Body

According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, losing 5-10% of your body weight in 6 months allows you to decrease:

  • “Bad” cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Blood pressure
  • Development of cardiovascular disease, congestive heart failure, and atherosclerosis, and abnormal heart rhythms
  • Chance of having a heart attack or stroke
  • Blood sugar levels
  • Risk of developing type 2 diabetes, by normalizing sugar regulation and insulin levels
  • Development of gallbladder, prostate, kidney, breast, and colon cancer
  • Waist Measurements

Healthy Mind

Losing just 10% of your weight will allow you to increase your energy, motivation, and confidence. It has once been said that, “success builds success.”

Healthy Habits

By learning how to lose weight in a healthy manner, you will be able to develop new healthy habits, such as exercising, eating more fruits and vegetables, and cooking healthy meals.



  1. Taylor Dorothy · April 6, 2016

    Wow interesting… Great post!


  2. tippysmom2 · April 6, 2016

    I have allowed myself to get heavier than I ever have been in the last couple of years, due, in part, to a leg injury that kept me from running and playing tennis. I am currently really working on loosing the 50 pounds I put on – yes, I said 50! In the last month, I have lost 8 pounds and am down 12 from my highest weight. I still have a way to go, but already can tell the difference in how I feel about myself and have more energy. So, I know from experience that your post is very accurate.


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