Is Your Child’s Lunch Making Them Obese?


Childhood obesity is a rising concern in the US today. It has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years. Today, nearly 18% of children and 21% of adolescents are obese, that is not even consider the amount that are simply deemed overweight. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) determined that this was the result of a “caloric imbalance” from children eating incorrectly and exercising too little.

What is Your Child Eating For Lunch?

Kids are growing rapidly, causing them to be calorie burning machines. Therefore, in many cases, we do not want to cut back the amount of food we feed them, instead we want to alter the foods they are eating. Make sure that you child is eating a little bit from every food group, with fruits & veggies making up half of their lunch box. Below is a list of healthier alternatives for your child’s lunch:

Potato chips … replace with … apple chips OR vegetable sticks

Fruit roll-ups … replace with … actual fruit

Baked goods … replace with … fruit OR a small amount of trail mix

Greasy, school cafeteria pizza … replace with … homemade English muffin pizza

Pudding cups … replace with … flavored yogurt

Grilled cheese … replace with … turkey/ham/chicken and cheese sandwich

Animal crackers … replace with … small pita crackers with reduced-fat cheese

Fruit in heavy syrup … replace with … fruit in 100% juice



One comment

  1. tippysmom2 · February 15, 2016

    These are probably good ideas for us adults trying to loose weight too.


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