The Dating “Type”


One night, my two best friends and I decided to put pictures of all of the guys we had ever dated on the wall. Timing didn’t matter to us. As long as we had chosen to have dinner with them at least once in our lifetime, they made the cut. After a lot of hardcore Facebook stalking, we finally had accomplished our mission and had our living room wall raining men.

You may wonder, what was the point of this? While we did get quite a laugh at the memories, the goal was to unveil our “type.” My friends’ types were clear cut. One went for the nerds, the kind that not only do well in physics, but major in it. The other went for the church boys, the kind that your dad would very much approve of. However, I was the more complicated one. I had dated a larger variety of men than the other two: tall, short, black, white, American, British, Canadian, older, younger, muscular, skinny. We tried and tried to come up with a rationale behind who I picked to date, because I simply refused to except the fact that I just told any and every guy “yes” when he asked me out.

Finally, it hit us! We had been so focused on appearance that we forgot to consider their personality and hobbies. The guys I kept around for at least a couple of months were all into music in some way. They were either in a band, played guitar, or produced music. While I had always been a music fan ever since Elmo’s Song, I realized that this type stemmed back to my dad. Growing up, he was always learning to play guitar to whatever hit song my sister and I had stuck in our heads, from Britney’s “…Baby One More Time” to Shania’s “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!”

While I may have a type, it is not a limiting factor of who fits in my exclusive club of datable men. To me, having a guy be my type is simply a bonus. I refuse to limit myself. It’s a big dating pool out there full of millions of people with different traits, characteristics, and personalities that you wouldn’t have seen if you hadn’t opened the club doors. Be open-minded! They might just surprise you!



  1. tracyvanraes · January 20, 2016



  2. Dottie · January 20, 2016

    Good one…most important is how they treat you…


  3. Carrie Froese · January 20, 2016

    I love the title of the blog. This is the first blog post that I’ve read and I’m curious about the theme. I wonder if you can hit a type by looking at the whole group you’ve dated? Perhaps it’s something that evolves over time with a variety of experiences. Love your thoughts on online communication. Have a good day!


  4. Olivia S. · January 20, 2016

    Haha, “this type stemmed back to my dad”… Believe it or not, I find myself noticing some of my father’s traits in the guys I’ve been dating as well. Maybe, subconsciously, these things affect us in choosing whom to go out with 🙂


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