Beat the Winter Blues


With the cold winter weather setting in, going outside is becoming less desirable. Even waking up becomes more of a struggle, snoozing your alarm as long as possible until you must finally face the day and leave your blankets behind. However, there are still ways to get exercise in without bundling up just to run around the neighborhood hoping not to slip on the ice.

  • Take an indoor cycling class
  • Lap it up in the local, indoor pool
  • Break out the resistance bands
  • Climb the local rock climbing wall
  • Skate around the ice rink
  • Dance it out
  • Embrace the cold with snow sports such as: snowboarding, snowball fights, and skiing
  • Put on the workout DVD
  • Get your zen on by doing yoga
  • Try new workout classes, like barre, pilates, and body pump
  • Download Sworkit, a high-intensity workout app
  • Break a sweat at the gym

One comment

  1. Olivia S. · January 20, 2016

    Oh yes, the snoozing…..


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