The Endless Love of a Dog

FullSizeRender 2

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a dog? I know we all have, so hear me out on this. My dog, Rory, (featured above) is a 6 month old Border Collie mix, whose endless energy exhausts me and constantly fascinates my 80 year old neighbors. Every night when we take the same lap around the neighborhood, my neighbors comment about how they wish to bottle her energy as Rory pulls me down the sidewalk despite her “no-pull” harness.

Currently, Rory is running back and forth on my porch for no apparent reason despite the fact that it is below freezing outside. She is hyper and exhausting, but I love her and all of her craziness. Somedays I wish I could be her, mainly because I am being lazy and don’t want to work. However, more than anything I think there is something to learn from her and all dogs for that matter. They have an endless love for their human and for life. No matter what happens in the day, even if you yell at them for eating cat poop yet again, they will still run at you with their tongue out ready to lick you (at which point you duck, because they just ate cat poop). They will always be there to greet you ready to go on the next adventure, because their love for life and you is endless.

So yes, I have thought about what it would be like to be my dog and I have concluded it would be a great. Be Rory! Have an endless love for people, animals, and life. Explore the world. Adopt a furry friend. Hug your relatives. Enjoy life!



  1. Dottie · January 6, 2016

    Rory is a cutie! She is lucky to have such a wonderful, caring owner..


  2. tracyvanraes · January 20, 2016

    I use a “no-pull” harness on my lab. She still pulls me… haha.
    I couldn’t imagine life without my dogs. They are my world! 🙂


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