Skinny Up Your Starbucks


Starbucks has often been called the “Coffee King” with well over $18 billion in revenue last year. It is the perfect solution when you need something to wake you up, a pick me up after a hard day, or just a delicious beverage break with friends. However, with drinks containing up to 600 calories, your “pick me up” and “delicious break” just became a meal. Luckily, there are a few tricks to be able to have your coffee guilt-free.

  • Order your drink skinny. The barista will remove your whip cream, use non-fat milk, and will replace your flavored syrup with a sugar-free version. This takes your 600 calories drink and reduces it to around 200 calories.
  • Replace your frappuccino with an iced coffee with non-fat milk. A venti sized caramel iced coffee with non-fat milk is only 150 calories. It’s the perfect solution if you are craving a cold coffee.
  • Try one of their Refresher beverages. These delicious drinks are fruity and only contain 170 calories at most for a Venti.
  • Stick to the basics with brewed, hot coffee. Coffee is naturally low calorie with only 5 calories. To add a little sweetness, try using cinnamon instead of sugar and replacing your cream with non-fat milk.
  • Order a tall instead. If you are craving your normal drink without any modifications, try getting a smaller size. This will allow you to still be in control of your calories, while not depriving yourself of the delicious taste.

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