We Can’t All Be the Kardashians

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Photo source: @kimkardashian


Most of us reading this blog are not what society would deem “famous.” We do not attend Hollywood red carpets or fancy galas. We do not travel the world by private jet or sail the seas on our yacht (if you do, take me with you! I promise I’m lots of fun and a light packer). But that does not mean, we are not beautiful and cannot look just as stylish. American society glamorizes the famous into this perfect bubble of everything that we should strive to be. I’m here to pop the bubble.

We paste the famous on the front of our magazines in full make-up and hardly any clothes to show that photoshop really can do magic. Magazines, like Us!, hire photographers to capture celebrities doing ordinary tasks, because it is totally normal to wear 6-inch heels to go grocery shopping. There are full tv shows dedicated to telling us the intimate details of their lives and exposing every last secret to the point that by the end you know the exact store Kim’s assistant got her blue, lace, size 6 underwear from on November 6th at 2:15pm.

I’m not saying that I have not religiously watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians, since the day Kris interrogated Scott about his age and intentions, because I have. I also have sat in my room Netflix-bingeing all the spin-offs, instead of doing whatever college assignment I should have been completing. Do I wish that I could have partied in Miami with Khloe and Kourtney? Yes. Do I wish that I could have relaxed at the beach in Thailand with the fam? Yes. But I am also not demeaning myself based off of the lives they are leading.

For me, this is the key. I am happy that they are privileged enough to live those lives. Good for them! But I also have a great life. I am able to wake up and look myself in the mirror everyday and love who I am. That is the key to happiness. Love yourself. Love who you are as a person and don’t compare yourself to anyone else. You are not them and that is a beautiful thing. If we were all Kardashians, that would be a crazy world that would get old quick. So be yourself and love who you are, because I think you’re great!



  1. Dottie · November 9, 2015

    Great points that we all need to follow…


  2. dashoffashiongirl · January 1, 2016

    This is a really good post


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