Easy Ways to Increase Your Daily Exercise


No matter if you are a pro-football star or just a normal, working gal, it’s super easy to get in your exercise for the day. Walking is a great way for everyone to be up and active, especially since Fall is right around the corner. Try the following tips to get your daily steps up:

  1. Park farther away from the store. If you take the bus, try getting off a stop early.
  2. Instead of emailing or texting someone one office or room over, walk over. Plus, then you will get to eliminate the misunderstanding that sometimes occurs over messaging.
  3. Take the stairs!
  4. When you get a call, get up and walk around, if you can. At work, we often take a walk around the building when we get personal call.
  5. Walk when you can. If the store or restaurant is in walking distance, walk there instead of driving. You get the chance to avoid traffic and get extra steps.
  6. If you have to use the bathroom, pick the farthest away!
  7. Browse when you go to the store. Instead of just getting your items and leaving, take some time and walk around the mall or the store before heading home. Try purchasing your items first and then walking in order to avoid temptation.
  8. Have a step challenge with colleagues and friends. The competition will make you strive to keep your step count high, especially if there is a prize or incentive.

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