You are an Effector


We as human beings live in a world where we all interact constantly. We see people at work, drive past people on the highway, walk past our neighbors on the way to the mailbox, and end up at home with the people we reside with. That is a lot of interacting, which means there are a lot of ways that we can constantly be affecting other people whether positively or negatively.

The other day at work I had a patient come in that was frankly being a bit rude. They won’t sign any of the forms, won’t let me take their vitals, scoffed at my questions, but instead of turning on them, I decided to kill them with kindness. Partly because I didn’t want them to report me to my boss, but also because I didn’t know their situation or what they had been going through. It worked! They cried to me about the difficulties that they were facing, opening up their heart and their mind to what I had to say all while giving me their trust. I affected their day by choosing to simply being nice. Because I acted in that fashion, they are now able to get the help they need and, more importantly, know that someone cares.

As cliche as it is, you can make or break someone’s day. It’s not hard to wave hello, ask someone how they are doing, or to say “I love you” to your significant other. However, it’s a little thing that can have a great impact, because you never know what someone else is going through. It’s not hard so why not do it! You can be a positive effector!

EveryDay Matters. September is the National Suicide Prevention Month.



One comment

  1. Dottie · September 15, 2015

    Wonderful words of advise that we all should use.


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