Do You Know What You Are Really Eating?

Food is something that is a huge part of our lives. It gives us energy to power through the day, it gives us vitamins and minerals that keep our bodies running smoothly, and it consumes a large portion of our time. Essentially, our lives revolve around food. Eating is what drives us to continue, allows us to catch up with friends and family, and comforts us when we are in need of something familiar, yet do you actually know what you are putting into your mouth?

Read your food labels:

As Americans, we have processed foods lining almost every aisle of any grocery store. You go to the diary section and find “cheese product” or to the snack aisle to find that every item has an ingredients list the length of the a Shakespeare play and just as confusing. Next time you are going to the store, make sure you read the food label of the foods you are purchasing. Make sure you know what you are putting into your body before it happens.

Keep a diary:

Personally, I have a hard time remembering what I had to eat three hours ago much less three days ago. Writing your food down in a diary or journal or tracking it with an app allows you to see everything you are eating throughout the day. How can you make a change, if you don’t know the problem first?

Set appropriate portions:

With the standard portion sizes getting bigger and bigger by the minute at every restaurant across the country, the amount of food we actually need is hardly changing. Know your limit and your body, so that you eat the portion of food that your body needs. By measuring your food or simply putting a small portion of the food into a small bowl or on a small plate instead of eating it out of the bag or large container, you are working to control your body’s urge to mindlessly eat without regard to the amount of food it truly needs.

Make sure that you know the “what,” “when,” and “how much” of the food you are eating in order to create a healthier you.


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  1. Madeline Johnson · August 25, 2015

    So true – read labels – just getting to write a post on the new “healthy” snacks – not so healthy really

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