Be the Happiest and Healthiest Version of You

We all pursue happiness, but happiness and healthiness are easier to achieve then they may seem. The following are some ways to become the best version of yourself by being happy and healthy.

1. Give back

Whether you are able to donate money or your time, giving back to those in need allows you to not only make a difference in the lives of others, but increase your overall happiness. Find an area that you are passionate about whether that is planting a tree, feeding the homeless, or helping at a pet adoption center and reach out to volunteer at an organization near you.

2. Live life to the fullest


As they say, you only live once; therefore, we all need to live every moment to the fullest. Go on new adventures, explore the world, and try new foods. Not only will this help to make you happier, but you will gain an appreciation for other cultures. You will also be working to keep your mind sharp.

3. Spend time with family and friends

Hanging out with friends and family is a great stress relief and happiness booster. Spend time catching up with the people that are close to you whenever you have the time whether that is a quick coffee or seeing a movie or show together.

4. Set aside time for yourself


While spending time with other people is great, you still need “me time.” Enjoy time to yourself catching up on your favorite show or doing yoga, while relaxing away from your stressful day.

5. Go outside

Connect with nature and the outdoors. Go to a local park, bike around the neighborhood, or kayak around a lake. This helps to increase your happiness, outlook, and focus. It also allows you to get your daily exercise in and maybe even a tan.

6. Eat your fruits and veggies


Ever since we were little, we have been told to eat our fruits and veggies and here I am to say it again. Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of necessary vitamins and minerals that are essential to creating a healthier you.

7. Get adequate sleep

Those who get 6-8 hours of adequate sleep each night are proven to be more rested, happier, and healthier.

8. Go on a date with your significant other

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Our relationships with others have significant impacts on our overall happiness and well-being. Those in relationships are proven to be happier, so grab your significant other and go spend quality time together whether that is a romantic night on the town or a couch and movie date.

9. Eat lean protein

Eating lean protein, such as chicken, turkey, and beans, allows you to increase your energy and satiety, while not consuming too much unhealthy fat.

10. Adopt a furry friend


I don’t know about you, but just looking at fluffy animals makes me smile. Adopting a pet helps to give a helpless and deserving animal a happy home and gives you a friend that will never object to your movie choice or judge you when you eat a tub of Ben & Jerry’s. If you are unable to adopt, consider volunteering at an animal shelter.



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