Choose the One That Will Never Let You Go

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It is human nature to want things, that is how we were built. Whether is it the brand new iPhone or the hot guy that smiles at you every time he passes you on his morning jog, you want things. It’s who you are and how you were built. But when it comes to relationships, there is a difference between wanting to be with someone and never wanting to let that person go.

The guy that wants to be with you is the one that only texts when it is convenient for him, because he wants to see you in that moment. He is the one that, if he even bothers to ask what you want to do, only actually does what you want if it happens to match up with what he wants, otherwise your wants get brushed over. To him plans are something that don’t get made in advance, because that is against his “personality and nature.” He is the one that makes vague hints that he’ll do something, but never actually follows through. When you invite him to something, he is always mysteriously busy or just happens to have other plans.

However, the guy that never wants to let you go is the one who texts you just because he wants to know how you are. He is the one that actually goes to that totally girly, chick flick with you, even though the latest action movie is playing in the theatre down the hall. He is the one that makes dates in the future, and wants you to meet his friends and family, including his crazy aunt that his whole family is secretly embarrassed of. He is the guy you need, because no matter how he is feeling or how crappy his day went, he is going to be the one that shows up to your weird work event or to your house when you have a bad day.

So ladies, know that you create your own happiness and you deserve that happiness. Make sure that you don’t settle for the one that wants you, but instead choose the one that never wants to let you go.



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